Second Team Will Meet Boston Club in Preliminary--5,000 Expected at Game

HARVARD  PRINCETON E.C. Carter, f.b.  f.b., Tompkins Hartridge, l.w.  l.w., Hubbard Huguley, l.c.  l.c., Sloane Earling, r.c.  r.c., Buffum Snelling, r.w.  r.w., McGuire Sherman, s.o.h.  s.o.h., Delaney Pugh, h.b.  h.b., Barak Trainer, f.l.f.  f.l.f., Herzog Dockery, f.l.f.  f.l.f., Barker Straus, f.l.f.,  f.l.f., Johnson Potter, s.l.f.,  s.l.f., Campbell Elmore, s.l.f.,  s.l.f., Hager W.D. Carter, t.l.f.  t.l.f., Walker Jones, t.l.f.,  t.l.f., Brassler Farris, t.l.f.  t.l.f., Cooper

Harvard and Princeton will meet this afternoon in the first athletic contest in Cambridge between the two universities since the renewal of athletic relations when the rugby teams of the two colleges take the field in the Stadium. At the same time, the Harvard seconds will play the Boston Rugby Club in a preliminary encounter. The seconds game will commence at 1.30 o'clock and the Harvard-Princeton tilt will follow at 2.30 o'clock.

5,000 Expected to See Game

An attendance of more than 5,000 persons is expected at this inaugural game. The fact that rugby has become popular in the University is shown in the interest undergraduates have taken in the sport and the intramural games, which are played for purposes of practice almost every day.

Both teams have played only one game, both meeting defeat. A week ago Harvard lost to the Philadelphia Marines 7 to 6, while on the same day Princeton was defeated by the New York Rugby Club by a score of 9 to 3. In the Harvard game, A.W. Huguley '31, halfback, scored all the points for the Crimson with a try and a penalty kick.


The Harvard second team will line up as follows: f.b. Ray, l.w. Ossorio, l.c. Sheldon, r.c. Draper, r.w. Bates, s.o.h. Truman, h.b. Caturani, f.l.f. Conant, Bissell, Lash, s.l.f. Oppenheimer, Schwyrer, t.l.f. Leman, Rowell, Gilbert. Harvard's reserves will be Davis and Hunting.