Eight Juniors Picked to Help Leader in His Duties-To Usher at Sanders Theater, Stadium, and Yard

A list of 60 men who will usher at Commencement on Tuesday, June 16, was made public last night by C. C. Cunningham '32, head usher for Class Day. Fifty-one of this number are Juniors, with nine members of the Class of 1933 serving. At the same time Cunningham announced that eight of the Junior group have been picked to aid him as assistant head ushers.

The group will usher at exercises in Sanders Theatre on Tuesday morning, June 16, and in the Stadium that afternoon. At noon they will officiate in the Yard, keeping it clear of all but holders of tickets. At a later date a smaller group will be picked to usher at the Senior Spread on Monday evening, June 15.

The complete list of ushers is as follows:

Assistant Head Ushers

C. F. Bound '32, R. N. Clark, Jr. '32, J. R. Collins '32, Charles Devens '32, R. M. Faxon '32, N. P. Hallowell '32,. E. E. Record '32, P. M. Sweezy '31.

Junior Ushers

N. F. Brooks, J. K. Bottomley, J. B. Ames, J. S. Ames, D. C. Crockett, F. O. Canfield, A. L. Castle, W. H. Crosby, J. P. Cowin, E. B. Cole, W. Delano, D. B. Dorman, W. P. Elwell, J. M. Fox, B. E. Estes, M. J. Finlayson, O. E. Fuerbringer, Frederick Grinnell, D. C. Greene, George Hopkinson, Jr., J. B. Hawes, N. W. Kimball, G. W. Kuehn, H. M. Myerson.

A. F. Megrew, F. A. Martin, E. C. Nickerson, J. F. Perkins, Edward Orlandini, A. W. Patterson, C. H. Stockton, J. F. Schereschewsky, Oscar Sutermeister, E. D. W. Sprague, P. P. Swett, Jr., W. B. Trafford, E. S. Underwood, E. E. Wendell, S. P. Ware, Jr., C. Y. Wadsworth, B. D. White, F. O. White, Cyrus Wood.

Sophomore Ushers

S. S. Adams, H. M. David, F. M. Dearborn, Jr., N. P. Dodge, J. R. Frothingham, G. B. Hardy, R. S. Neff, Stuart Scott, Jr., W. S. Sims, Jr.