Awards Average Approximately $500 Per Scholarship--18 Grants for Men New to University

Seventy-two scholarships, representing a total of $35,650, were announced yesterday at University Hall as having been awarded by the Corporation of Harvard College. Of this number 10 will defray the expenses of study abroad this coming summer, and the remaining 62 are to be held during the academic year of 1931-32.

Among the awards distributed for study abroad, the following seven Dexter Scholarships, to encourage studies in England, and one Sheldon Fellowship in Economics, are included: Roger Enoch Bennett 3G, of Charleston, Ohio; John d'Auby Briscoe of Fairplay, Colorado; John Lee Brooks 3G, of Dallas, Texas; Charles Chretien 1G, of Yonkers, New York; Robert Adolph Luther Mortvedt 3G, of Joliet, Illinois; Theodore Francis Moorhouse Newton 3G, of Montreal, Canada; Hamilton Martin Smyser 5G, of Delaware, Ohio; and Noobar Retheos Danielian 3G, of Watertown.

Medical School Awards

Ten fellowships, awarded in the Medical School for the coming year are listed as follows: the James Jackson Cabot Fellowship, Harry Knowles Unangst Beecher 3M, of Wichita, Kansas; the George Cheyne Shattuck Memorial Fellowship, Benjamin Frank Miller 2M, of Fitchburg; the John Ware Memorial Fellowship, Fiorindo Anthony Simeone 1M, of Providence, Rhode Island; the Charles Sedgewick Minot Fellowship, Louis Zetzel 1M, of Chelsea; and five DeLamar Research Fellowships--Lowell Francis Bushnell 2M, of Danville, Illinois; Benjamin Watson Carey, Jr. 3M, of Griggsville, Illinois; William Foster Queen 2M, of Louisa, Kentucky; Arnold Frederick Ernest Settlage 2M, of St. Louis, Missouri; and Frederick James Cunningham Smith 3M, of Wichita, Kansas.

In the Graduate School of Education the following eight scholarships were announced: University Scholarship, Robert Flick Rutherford 1Ed, of Tarentum, Pennsylvania; Phi Delta Kappa Scholarship, Roy Arthur Price 1Ed, of Chicago, Illinois; and six Faculty Scholarships--Eugene Burns GEd, of Los Angeles, California; Raven Orwell Dodge 1Ed, of Lowell; Roy Arthur Price 1Ed., of Chicago, Illinois; John Watson Murray Rothney 2Ed, of Fairhaven; Herbert Lewis Swan, Jr. 1Ed., of Winthrop; and Howard Carleton Seymour 2Ed., of Watertown, Connecticut.

Other University Grants

To students in the various other departments of the University were awarded the following 28 scholarships: Charles Eliott Perkins Scholarship, William Bailey Lockhart 1L, of Des Moines, Iowa; the Sheldon Fellowship in Education, James Hobson 2GEd, Cambridge, Ohio; the Bates Scholarship, Howard Fitzhugh Occ, Washington, D.C.; the Parlin Scholarship, Wendell Philip Canfield 1G.B., and Gordon Titus Rideout 3S.A., of Everett.

The Phoutrides Scholarship

The Phoutrides' Scholarship, Arthur Douropulos '31, of Arlington; the William Reed Scholarship, George Wright Briggs '31, of Taunton; the following seven Stoughton Scholarships: Arthur Goldman 1L, of Mattapan; David Louis Landy 1L, of Boston; Jacob Lewiton 1L, of Dorchester; Wilfred Saul Mirsky 1L, of Dorchester; Alfred Saymour Reinhart 3M, of Dorchester; Solomon Eliazer Shershevsky '31, of Dorchester; and William Alexander Sloane '31, of Dorchester.

Fourteen Buckley Scholarships have been included as follows: Hyde Gilbert Buller '31, of Cambridge; Samuel Fishman '31, of Somerville; George Atherton

Chaffe 1G, of Warwick; Haskell Charles Freedman 1L, of Cambridge; David Earl Hockman 1L, of Cambridge; Roy Lamson, Jr. 2g, of Cambridge; Lester Snow King 3M, of Cambridge; David Anschel Nathans 1L, of Cambridge; Joseph Patrick Maloney 1G.B., of Cambridge; George Henry Sage 1G.B., of Dorchester; Harold Snyder '31, of Cambridge; John Francis Groden 1L, of Cambridge; Martin Canavan 1G.B., of Cambridge; and Wendell Daniel MacDonald '31, of Cambridge.

In addition to the scholarship holders now listed as studying in the University, the following are scheduled to come to the Graduate Schools next year: Charles Eliott Perkins Scholarship, L. A. T. Haak, of Granville, Ohio; Princeton Fellowship, H. C. Anderson, of Princeton, New Jersey; Buckley Fellowship, W. F. Fitzgerald, Jr. of Cambridge; Faculty Scholarships, R. W. Armour, of Pomona, California, and I. I. Richards, of Orona, Maine: two Rumrill Scholarships, W. C. Dunn, of Chapel Hill. North Carolina, and R. W. Wilkins, of Greensboro, North Carolina.

Holtzer Fellowships, three in numbor, have been awarded to Horst von Einsidel, of Dresden, Germany, W. W. Gunther, of Gorlitz, Germany, and Hermann Schnitzler, of Monchan, Germany. Three Austin Scholarships for Teachers have been given to R. D. Hanscom of Bethel, Maine, H. H. Long, of Washington, D.C., and A. K. Tweedle, of Cambridge. The four University Scholarships awarded this year have gone to the following: M. L. Garner, of Indianapolis, Indiana; L. M. Hill, of Lincoln, Nebraska; A. F. Linnehan, of Dorchestor; and C. N. Mills, of Normal, Illinois