Visitors Top Harvard Records With Ease in One-Sided Meet

Harvard Freshman records were bettered in six events, once by Harvard and five times by Brown swimmers as the visiting Freshmen romped to a 39-23 victory last night. M. V. Leventritt '35 lowered his own time in the 100-yard breast stroke to 1 minute, 13 3-5 seconds.

Hedquist, winner of the 50 and 100, equalled the best time of B. S. Wood '33, University captain, in the former event. Lyman in the dive scored 70 points while H. S. Bowen made 58.1.

The summary:


50-yard free style--Won by Hedquist (B); second, Crosby (B); third, A. W. Sherwood, Jr. '35. Time--24 3-5 sec.

Dive--Won by Lyman (B), 70; second, H. S. Bowen '35, 58.1; third, Froncillo (B), 54.


220-yard free style--Won by Bree (B); second, Fisher Howe '35; third, S. M. Wyman '35. Time--2 min., 24 sec.

100-yard backstroke--Won by Cook (B); second, A. M. Jones, Jr. '35; third, R. W. McCoy '35. Time--1 min., 10 1-5 sec.

100-yard breast stroke--Won by M. V. Leventritt '35; second, F. L. Spreckies '35; third, Anthony (B). Time--1 min., 13 3-5 sec.

100-yard free style--Won by Hedquist (B); second, A. W. Sherwood, Jr. '35; third, Crosby (B). Time--55 1-5 sec.

200-yard relay--Won by Brown (Anthony, Cook, Hedquist, Lee); second, Harvard (Wallace, Wyman, Donnelly, Sherwood). Time--1 min., 43 4-5 sec.