Economics Tutor To Lead Discussion In Group--States Purposes of Forum And Plan of Organization

On Thursday night at 7.30 o'clock, an organization meeting of the Brooks House Economic Forum will be held in the parlor of the House. The Forum will be conducted by N. R. Danielian '28, tutor in the department of Economics, who is one of the leaders in the organization of the Club.

The following statement in connection with the Forum was made by Danielian: 118 upperclassmen, or approximately 33 per cent of those concentrating in Economics, do not live in the Houses. These men do not receive the benefit of social contacts and intellectual stimulation which the Houses afford to their residents, either informally or through organized groups, such as economic clubs. It is with a view to supplying these needs that the Economic Forum is being organized. Its purpose will be to give the students who are not connected with any of the Houses an opportunity to discuss economic ideas and problems.

"The Forum will, of course, be a student's organization. Although not intended as a direct aid to classroom work, it cannot, however, fail to bear upon it, since the discussions will afford training in economic thinking, and many of the topics will undoubtedly be taken up in various courses as well as in the Divisional Examinations. However, these results will be indirect. The primary purpose of the Forum is to give the Students living outside the Houses an opportunity to become articulate on economic ideas and problems."