News, Business, Photographic Boards Open to First Year Men-Business And Editorial to Sophomores

Members of the Class of 1935 with ambitions along news gathering, Business, or Photographic lines, and Sophomore candidates for the Editorial and Business boards will be on hand tonight when the CRIMSON portals swing open and five competitions of eight weeks' duration start with a short meeting at 7.15 o'clock.

Involves No Obligation

Those interested in trying out for positions on the various boards will gather at this time in the President's office in the CRIMSON building, 14 Plympton Street, and after a few words by O. E. Fuerbringer '32, president of the CRIMSON, the routine of the various departments will be explained by the officers in charge. Candidates will be given their first assignments tomorrow; attendance at this evening's meeting involves no obligation to complete.

News candidates will spend the first week in becoming acquainted with various University sources, and with "newspaper style." Shortly after, when the "Scoop book" is opened, they will be given greater opportunities for displaying initiative and ability in gleaning items of interest from among the chaff of commonplace material. Ability to wield a pen with some fluency is essential, but previous journalistic experience is not necessary.

Business Department

Aspirants for the business board, dealing first with routine work about the office, will later be trusted with enterprises calling for more judgment and iniative. Unlike their colleagues of the news board, they will find the larger part of their activity falling within the limits of the business day. Contact with local advertisers is an apprenticeship for later dealings with the national firms.

Prospective photographers will supply their own plates, but will work with CRIMSON cameras. They will find opportunity for passport work, action pictures, snapshots of unusual items or events, and still photography calling for skill in placing the camera, together with a thorough training in the technique of developing, printing, and trimming.

Editorial Offerings

Editorial candidates will lay their offerings daily at 7 o'clock on the alter of the god of things as they should be, in the person of the "man in charge of the column." This competition involves familiarity with happenings in the University and in the world at large, and gives the successful competitor a better organization of opinions and a firmer command of English