Good Weather Brings Forth Many Boats And Barges-No Change in 150-pound And Freshman Seatings

Making his second cut in the University crew squad yesterday Coach Charles Whiteside selected three more or less tentative crews who will compose the first squad this year. Although the crews have not been on the river consistently more than two weeks this year as compared with the three week's experience in shells enjoyed by the crews last year at this time. Whiteside has had plenty of time to watch the rowing in the tank in order to judge the best oarsmen on the squad.

Twenty-four men have been officially retained to row on the University eights, and three coxswains are temporarily assigned to these boats, although substitutions may well be made from the men cut or from the House crews later in the rowing season. One man from each of the three upper classes holds down the stroke position in each shell, while in the first boat there are only three seniors, a fact that presages well for the future hopes of the crew. The stroke men are: G. J. Cassedy '33 of the first crew, A. H. Parker '32 of the second shell, and A. M. Brown '34 of the third boat.

In nearly perfect rowing conditions for this time of year the four University boats, four 150 pound crews, several House eights, and innumerable Freshman barges took advantage of the smooth water and element skies yesterday to travel up and down the river. As yet there has been no shake-up in either the 150 pound or Freshman crew squad, but Coach Bert Haines will probably shape his tentative heavy and 150-pound boats before the end of next week.

The University boatings are as follows:

First boat-Stroke, G. J. Cassedy' 33; 7, Robert Saltonstall, Jr. '33; 6, W. B. Bacon '33; 5, Malcolm Bancroft '33; 4, T. E. Armstrong '32; 3, J. M. Erickson '32; 2, C. F. Hovey '32; Bow, W. H. Holcombe '33; Cox, H. H. Bissell '33.

Second boat-Stroke, A. H. Parker '32; 7, T. C. T. Buckley '32; 6, Edward Yeomans, Jr. '33; 5, Gridley Barrows '34; 4, R. H. Hallowell '33; 3, J. Van V. Veeder '33; 2, F. F. Colloredo-Mannsfeld '34; Bow, S. H. Wolcott '33; Cox, E. S. Litchfield '34.

Third boat-Stroke, A. M. Brown '34; 7, A. L. Nickerson '34; 6, J. G. Pierce '34; 5, Bradford Simmons '34; 4, F. J. Swayze '33; 3, W. C. Thompson '32; 2, J. W. Appel '32; Bow, Richard Stackpole '34; Cox, R. H. Watson '32.