Strong Opposition Is Expected From Eastern Champions-Jayvees Are To Meet New York Second Team

Led by Captain P. S. deQ. Cabot 1G.Ed. and Coach Maurice Bothner, 30 members of the Harvard Rugby Club will leave Boston today by automobile for New York, where they will oppose the New York Rugby Club at the Polo Grounds tomorrow. Games are slated both between first and second teams.

This match with the New York team will be the season's opener for the Harvard Club. Coach Bothner expects a good showing from such as Captain Cabot, who captained the New Zealand University fifteen, Stanton Whitney, Jr. '34, a member of last year's team, L. G. C. Balsan 1G.B., a former French player, John Megaw sL, who played in England, I. B. Hardy '33, football tackle, and A. W. Sherman '34.

The lineups follow: University first team-R. H. Watt '32, L. G. C. Balsan 1G.B., Donald Meiklejohn 1G., J. A. Potter '34, A. W. Sherman '34, Stanton Whitney, Jr. '34, K. F. Armstrong 1G., P. S. deQ. Cabot 1G.Ed., Joseph Oppenheimer '34, John Megaw sL, H. C. Schwyzer '34, R. E. White '34, J. T. Sapienza '34, I. B. Hardy '33, W. S. Burrage '33.

University second team-L. A. Babbitt '35, S. M. Wheeler '32, G. G. Hartridge '32, A. G. Draper '32, M. M. Slack '32, E. C. Henry 1G.B., J. H. Ossorio '33, G. H. Conant '33, W. K. Wittausch 1G.B., F. M. Roberts 2G.B., A. S. Thorburn '35, C. E. Sweeney '35, J. K. Gorman '33, S. E. Turner '35, R. W. Longley 1G.Ed.Coach Maurice Bothner and Captain P. S. deQ. Cabot 1GEd, who take the Harvard fifteen down to New York this afternoon.