Ancient Theological School Dormitory Is in Middle of Area-Farlow Library And Herbarium To Be Torn Down

As soon as sufficient funds for the project are available, Divinity Hall and the Farlow Library and Herbarium will be removed, and the North wing of the Biological Institute will be extended to the street, it was learned yesterday.

Owing to the fact that the money devoted to building the Biological Institute was practically exhausted after the completion of the existing structure, the Farlow Library has been allowed to remain standing, but the ultimate purpose of the Corporation is to connect the Biological Institute with the University Museum by means of a bridge over Divinity Avenue.

The University architects are considering plans for a large quadrangle between the University Museum and the extended Biological Institute. Upon the completion of the project, it would be necessary to remove Divinity Hall, since it stands between the Museum and the Institute.

If Divinity Hall is strong enough, it is proposed to roll the building into the open lot at the end of Divinity Avenue; in view of the historical traditions of the structure, it is expected that any plan for its demolition would meet with considerable opposition. The cost of moving the structure would approximate $10,000, it was estimated; each of the two sections in which the building is constructed would be moved separately, being placed on rollers by means of hydraulic jacks.

After the removal of Divinity Hall, the land intervening between the Biological Institute and the University Museum will be leveled off to make possible wide lawns on each side of Divinity Avenue.

The University plans to bring about a unification of scientific departments in groups north of Kirkland Street.