Committee Explains Registration of Guests' Names--Bowditch Appointed To Head Ushers

The list of ushers for the Freshman Jubilee was announced by the Jubilee Committee last night together with the names of the patronesses for the dance. Invitations to the dance are now being sent by the Committee to ladies whom Freshmen expect to escort to the dance, if registered in the lobby of the Harvard Union during lunch or supper. According to Allston Boyer '35, chairman of the Committee, requests for invitations will not be received after Wednesday noon, but inviting a guest is naturally not contingent upon sending an invitation. Tickets for the Jubilee will be sold in the Harvard Union from Monday until the time of the dance.

Jubilee Patronesses

The patronesses for the Jubilee are the Mesdames H. F. Bigelow, G. D. Boardman, Robert Borden, John Bowditch, Philip Boyer, Princess de Braganza, the Mesdames E. N. Bray, I. T. Burr, H. I. Cobb, Jr., L. B. Cutler, T. J. Davis, S. S. Drury, G. H. Emory, H. L. Ewer, E. H. Fay, H. F. Gillette, C. B. Gleason, A. G. Goodhue, A. C. Hanford, M. A. Howard, A. E. Hindmarsh, Llewellyn Howland, G. T. Keyes, A. V. Kidder, Delmar Leighton, G. W. Lewis, E. F. Locke, Matthew Luce, W. D. Robbins, Robert Saltonstall, R. C. Storey, H. M. Watts, C. H. P. Whitney, A. C. Woodard, and W. B. Wood.

Bowditch Heads Ushers

The ushers will be E. F. Bowditch '35, head usher, R. S. Brookings II '35, T. B. Gannett, Jr. '35, Herman Gundlach, Jr. '35, J. R. Haley '35, J. E. Hollis, Jr. '35, D. W. Lewis '35, T. F. Locke '35, F. A. Reece, Jr. '35, E. H. Robbins '35, Huntington Thom '35, and W. D. Vesey '35.