1907 Plans Occupation of Dormitories For Reunion--House Members May Keep Rooms Until June 27

Members of the Freshman class living in the Yard Dormitories must vacate their rooms by Thursday, June 16, in order to facilitate the preparation of the rooms for the accommodation of the Class of 1907, holding its 25th reunion, it was announced at the office of the Superintendent of Caretakers yesterday.

Upperclassmen in the Houses will be permitted to occupy their suites until Monday, June 27, following Commencement Day, and will be allowed to store their furniture in the rooms. Freshmen entering the Houses may store their furniture either in the rooms which they will occupy next year or in the basement of the building. Cards, which will be ready Monday, June 1, must be filed in the Superintendent's office containing a list of the articles, which must be tagged with the owner's name and address.

Thirty-nine rooms in the Yard must be emptied by 8.30 o'clock on the morning of Commencement Day and prepared for classes holding reunions by 10.30 o'clock.