Third Varsity 150's Defeat Freshman 150's--Compromise, Novice Singles, And 1935 Crews Race Today

Rowing the half-mile upstream course, contestants in the wherry race yesterday opened the Invitation Regatta on the River; the winner of the final heat turned in the excellent time of 3 minutes, 46 seconds.

The second race of the day, the contest between the third varsity 150-pound crew, and the second Freshman 150's resulted in a victory for the former on the downstream three-quarter mile course in 4 min., 2-5 seconds.

The compromise race, novice singles, and a contest among the three division I Freshman crews will be held this afternoon.

The summary:

Wherry Race


First heat--Won by E. B. Wood '33; second, Lester Hershon '35. Second heat--Won by J. B. Hamblet '35; second, Sidney Gleason II, '35. Final heat--Won by Wood, second, Gleason, third, Hamblet. Time--3 minutes, 46 seconds.

150-Pound Crews

Third University 150-pound crew--Stroke, Andrew Marshall; 7, J. DeW. Perry, Jr. '32; 6, Lloyd Brown '34; 5, D. L. Markes '33; 4, William Ladd; 3, Sherman Morss '33; 2, T. K. Dunstan, Jr. '33; bow, R. S. Neff '34; cox, B. H. Tarplln '34.

Second Freshman 150-pound crew--Stroke, P. W. Jopling '35; 7, J. G. Simonds '35; 6, W. W. Birge, Jr. '35; 5, H. H. Brewster '35; 4. Arthur Willis, Jr. '35; 3, W. F. Williams, Jr. '35; 2, E. T. Bigelow '35; bow, R. S. Hepburn '35; cox, A. C. Russell '35.