Harvard Expected To Serve Beer When Law Is Changed--Saltonstall Looks For Early Action by Legislature

Prospects for an early installation of beer in University dining halls were greatly improved last night when it was learned from Governor Joseph B. Ely that he favors the sale of 3.2 beer to minors over the age of eighteen. An existing state law prohibiting the sale of any alcoholic beverages to minors prevented the University from procuring a license last spring to serve beer in the dining halls.

If Governor Ely's statement is prophetic, the second of two stumbling blocks will shortly have been removed from the way of making beer a permanent feature on University bills of fare. The other obstacle, that only one license can be issued to a single corporation or club, was overcome last spring, when an unofficial ruling was made that the several dining halls of the University can, because they are centrally grouped, be considered as one organization, provided the formality is gone through of converting them into a single club.

Special Session in December

Governor Ely's stand on the beer question is looked upon as particularly significant in view of the special session of the Massachusetts Legislature which he will call not later than December 6 for the purpose of establishing regulations for the sale of all alcoholic beverages. On that date, the last of the four remaining states whose assent is necessary to Repeal will have taken a vote, and liquor regulation will have been put into the hands of the legislatures of the several states.

Questioned last night as to the probability that the Massachusetts legislature would lower the age limit for the sale of 3.2 beer to minors during the approaching special session, Leverett Saltonstall '14, Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives said that opinion in the matter was still unerystallized, and added that the natural leanings of the House in this matter could not be estimated with accuracy.

One-Time 18-Year Limit

The issue of selling beer to minors has in the past been a comparatively live issue. Before the days of Prohibition, the law as it stood prohibited the sale of beer to anyone under the age of 21 years, but for a time the age-limit was lowered to 18 years, and then, after some months, restored to its former level.