The Master Murderer. By Carolyn Wells. J. B. Lippincott Co. $2.00.

In an attempt to vary the customary procedure in the writing of mystery stories, Carolyn Wells introduces us to the wholesale murder of an entire family of four people. Each has been put to death by different means and the situation presents a fine opportunity for the brain of Fleming Stone, long established master detective employed by Miss Wells to see that justice is done to the criminals and to the avid readers of her prolific creations.

The unraveling of the dilemma is skillfully accomplished and the story keeps us engrossed for its entire length.

The plot centers itself around a peculiar will drawn up by the aged, ailing mother of the murdered Everett family and the ultimate solution arrived at by Fleming Stone is wholly unexpected. The book is diverting and should amuse you at those idle moments when you have a brief respite from the serious duties of the classroom.