New Members Will Take Part in Concert At Weston Tomorrow Evening--Most of Those Accepted Are Freshmen

Fifteen new members have been accepted by the Instrumental Clubs as a result of mid-year try-outs, it was announced yesterday afternoon.

Among the recently accepted members of the club are the four sophomores who last year made up the Reinhart quartet. These men, F. D. Moore '35, F. E. Johnson '35, J. C. Cort '35, and Warren Sturgis '35, will add their novelty number to the club's repertoire, which already includes a quartet. The Pyhorrean Sorority.

The other newly-accepted members are: H. K. Fitts '36, E. C. Parish '36, W. W. Sprangue '36, F. deW. Bolman '35, J. W. Tower '35, J. G. Piper '36, W. W. Pront '36, R. S. Hurlbut '34, H. M. Parsons, Jr. '36, and S. W. Pillsbury '36.

The new men will take part in the first concert of 1933, to be given at Weston tomorrow evening, and will later be given the opportunity to compete with the other club members for the right to go on the concert tour to Bermuda this Spring.