News from the Houses

Adams and Leverett Win Their A League Matches Over Eliot and Lowell.

Four 5-0 games marked the A and D league inter-House squash matches yesterday afternoon. In the A league Adams defeated Eliot, 3-2, in a close match. Leverett defeated Lowell, 4-1, and Kirkland defeated Winthrop, 5-0 score, Kirkland, Leverett, and Adams.

League A

Adams 3, Eliot 2. The summary:

Huntington Thom '35 (A) defeated R. S. Francis '33 (E), 3-0; A. deB. Lyon '35 (A) defeated E. E. Mitchell '34 (E), 3-1; W. R. Bascom 1L (A) defeated H. A. Spalding '34 (E), 3-0; W. A. Munroe '33 (E) defeated O. S. Boyer '35 (E), 3-1; Acosta Nichols, Jr. '34 (E) defeated O. S. Alken 1G.B. (A), 3-1.

Leverett 4, Lowell 1. The summary:

G. P. Webber '33 (Lev) defeated R. G. Fletcher '35 (Low), 3-2; C. P. Webber '33 (Lev) defeated G. H. Damon '34 (Low), 3-1; T. W. Thorndike '35 (Lev) won by default; L. O. Dawes '35 (Lev) defeated R. C. Wells '35 (Low), 3-0; J. C. Frame 4G (Low) defeated I. M. Street '35 (Lev), 3-1. Kirkland 5, Winthrop 0. This sum mary:

A. E. Evans '33 (K) defeated C. F. Leatherbee '34 (W), 3-1; F. W. Fox '35 (K) defeated G. R. Shaw '35 (W), 3-0; A. R. Benner '35 (R) defeated J. B. Russell '33 (W), 3-2; A. H. Bryan '36 (K) won by default; J. A. Mende '34 (K) defeated Edwin McElwain '21, (W), 3-1.

League D

Winthrop 5, Kirkland 0. The summary:

A. W. Fox (W) won by default; E. S. Godfrey '34 (W) won by default; A. W. Polk, '35 (W) defeated A. E. Phillips '34 (K), 3-0; William Irvine 4G (W) won by default.

Lowell 5, Leverett 0. The summary:

Nicholas Kelly, Jr. 2I, (Low) won by default; H. L. Honguet ocC (Low) defeated J. M. Ossorio '33 (Lev), 5-1; F. L. Wiegand '35 (Low) defeated E. H. Haig '33 (Lev), 3-1; V. R. Montanari '33 (Low) defeated R. I. Cummin '35 (Lev), 3-0.

Eilot 5, Adams 0. The summary:

H. S. Whiteside '34 (E) defeated H. D. Smith '35 (A), 3-0; W. S. Wellington '34 (E) won by default; D. D. Bond '34 (E) won by default; Richard Prouty '35 (E) defeated E. W. Fox 35 (A), 3-0; R. B. Heath '34 (E) defeated C. H. Smoot '35 (A), 3-0