News from the Houses

Takes Third Game of Playoff To Close Inter-House Season

Eliot defeated Dunster, 3-2, in the third game of the playoff yesterday afternoon, and thereby won the D league title in the inter-House squash tournament. Eliot's victory brings to a close this year's inter-House squash activity.

The summary:

Edward Milton '34 (D) defeated David Weld '34 (E), 3-2; G. C. Streeter '34 (E) defeated J. L. Noyes '34 (D), 3-1; C. H. Wood '35 (E) defeated A. H. Brown '34 (D), 3-1; Samuel Spencer 1L (D) defeated D. D. Bond '34 (E), 3-2; Captain W. S. Wellington '34 (E) defeated Vincent Palmer '35 (D), 3-0.