University Preserves "Open Mind" Till State and City Act--System of Local Option Now In Effect

The Universitys' "open mind" on the question of serving beer in the dining halls will not be made up until the municipal and state law on the subject has been made clear, it was stated yesterday at University Hall. The announcement came as the aftermath of the CRIMSON poll, in which the undergraduate body voted nearly six to one in favor of the service of beer.

According to yesterday's reports, the legal affairs committee at the State House is still discussing modifications of the Licensing Act of 1920, but no legislation has yet been enacted. Since 1881 a system of local option has been in effect in Massachusetts, under which each municipality determines for itself whether there shall be "license" or "no license." Under the existing law, the citizens of the communities of the state are required to vote affirmatively every year in order to authorize the sale of non-intoxicating alcoholic beverages. The last vote on this subject in Cambridge was taken about ten years ago.

In addition to the uncertainty surrounding the question of allowing the sale of beer, the method of licensing and selection of places for sale remain to be cleared up by municipal ordinance.