Several Chicago Business Men Sure of Success of Production Because of Prestige of Harvard in West

The Harvard Dramatic Club has been invited to present "The Watched Pot" by Saki (H. H. Munro) at the World's Fair during the summer. The invitation was sent by R. F. Hayward '27, a Cleveland business man, and former dramatic club member.

In his letter to the club, Mr. Hayward says that there have been no definite financial arrangements made, but that he has secured the support of a large group of Chicago business men and thus feels sure that the project will be attended by success.

He writes further that the men he has contacted are very receptive to the idea because of the high prestige Harvard enjoys in the Middle West. As far as the club has been able to ascertain it will be the only college dramatic organization to give a presentation at the fair. There has been no definite date set as yet for the performances.

"The Watched Pot" will be presented by the Dramatic Club in Brattle Hall, Thursday, May 4 and Friday, May 5. The female parts are being taken by Radcliffe students and they will be asked to accompany the club on its trip west. The play has been coached by Edward Massey '15 who has been the coach for several of the previous productions of the club. An entirely new set for the play has been built in the club workshop by J. C. Haggott '35. There will be dancing after both of the Cambridge performances.