Fletcher School of Diplomacy Draws Most of Staff From Among Members of University.

Ten officers and members of the Harvard faculty have been named as members of the staff of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, a joint Tufts-Harvard enterprise which will open for instruction at Tufts on October 2.

On the basis of a memorandum of agreement approved by the Corporation and Overseers of Harvard and the Trustees of Tufts, a joint governing board has been created for the general direction of the School. This executive committee consists of the presidents of the two institutions, Roscoo Pound, dean of the Law School. K. B. Murdock '16, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and two trustees of Tufts, F. C. Rodgden and Mrs. R. G. Hopkins, H. L. Hoskins, chairman of the department of History at Tufts, will serve as dean of the school.

With one exception, the staff of the school for the initial year will be made up of Harvard instructors. The men named are as follows: Lauchlin Currie, instructor in Economics; S. E. Harris '20, just named assistant professor of Economics; A. N. Holcombe '06, professor of Government; W. L. Langer '15, professor of Government: Roscoe Pound, dean of the Law School; Joseph Redlich, Charles Stebbins Fairchild Professor of Comparative Law; Julius Stone, instructor in Jurisprudence; and G. G. Wilson, professor of International Law.