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Unique Showing of Boston Sculptors Held Outdoors

An exhibition of sculpture, the first outdoor display ever held in Boston, is now in progress in the courtyard of the Germanic Museum. The exhibition is devoted to Greater Boston artists and their work and is especially interesting in that the work of three Harvard ren, J. A. Coletti, Richardson White, and Frank Wigglesworth is on display. Coletti gained much of his ability while a student at Harvard, and later taught White and Wigglesworth.

The work on display, with but one exception, is not an example of modernistic sculpture. The exhibition is representative of Boston, conventional and academic, and without any of the extremity found in many contemporary collections.

The only work that shows the influence of the modern school is that of Richard Ricci, whose Great Horned Owl, a bronze, may be considered a fine example of the modernistic trend in art. Cyrus Dalls, perhaps the best known of the exhibitors, has three Indian subjects on display, all in bronze. Anna Ladd, who had some of her works criticised as "Indecent" by Boston critics, has the largest exhibit. Her "Three Saintly Queens" are noteworthy, and in the opinion of Ralph Adams Cram are the best works produced in Boston for the last few years. Other of her bronzes are the "Dancer," "St. Michael," and "Peace to End War".

One should not miss "Plan", by Leonard Craske. The workmanship is excellent, and his conception reveals a delicacy and ability approaching genius. The courtyard will be open to the public until August 17.

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