Bine Books Hold Names of Many Women Rowers--Need More Entries in Wherry Events

Forty-six members of the Summer School and the Weld Boat Club have shown their intentions to compete for the various trophies offered in the third annual Summer School Regatta to be held on Thursday and Friday, August 10 and 11. Keen competition in both the men and women events is seen from the large number of experts who have signed up for the singles, and narrow come races, although few entries are down for the wherries, not enough as yet make a heat.

Short Course

The race will be run from the Weeks Memorial foot-bridge upsteram to the Bost House, a course of about 300 yards. Blake Dennison, who is running the contest will award medals to the first and second placers in each final heat.

Eleven women are entered so far in th four classes. In the Ladies Singles are Betty Howe, Hasel Crockett, Betty Lincoln, Louise Maguire, and Henrietta Young. F. H. Edwards and W. White are in the Narrow Compromise race; Polly Mitchell in the Broad Comp; and H. Armitage, H. Hubbard, and J. Osborn are entered in the Wherry Race. Each race will have to have at least four or five entrants to make it worth running off.

32 In Men's Race

The men's races are evidently popular, judging from the 35 entrants signed up in the blue-books. In the Senior Singles are J. H. Finlayson, R. D. Stackpole, J. S. Frame, D. F. Rogers, and S. D. Peirce. The Novice Singles attracted the greatest field, including V. G. Balbont, J. Bremmer, E. C. Carter, F. J. Collins, H. B. Dalby, W. G. Davis, H. L. Farr, H. W. Frederick, X, Y. Jordan E A. Kratovil, K. L. Magnus, H. S, Miller, S. B. Myers, J. G. Park, R. L. Wheelock, F. H. White, and R. S. Wolcott.

In the Men's Narrow Comp so far are P. B. Beal, O. H. Emmons, R. M. Farlow, B. L. Fairbanks, E. H. Pringle, A. G. Webster, and H. A. White, Broad Compromise Race has atracted the following: G. A. Emerson, Jr., S. B. Flint, W. J. Keville, J. A. McAllen, J. P. Riesman, P. D. Rowan, and C. P. Ware.