"Financial Management" To Supplant Course Given by Dewing--One Course To Be Free For Business Men

Entering upon its second quarter century of existence, as the College nears the tercentenary mark, the Business School will open its doors to the first-year class today. Registration of students in other departments of the University, and of second-year Business students, will take place during the remainder of the week and on Monday.

The changes in the American economic system brought about or foreshadowed by the National Industrial Recovery Act are expected to receive consideration in many of the courses this year. The School plans no change in its policies or methods of teaching, however, in consequence of the N. R. A. An elective course in "Business Economics," inaugurated last year, will be given again in the second term.

Due to the resignation of Arthur S. Dewing, professor of Finance, the course in "Corporation Finance" will not be given this year. In its place, a course in "Financial Management" will be offered, with Thomas H. Sanders, professor of Accounting, lecturing on the interpretation of financial statements during the first half-year. In the second term, Clinton P. Biddle, professor of Investment Banking, and William L. Crum, professor of Economics, will take up the financial problems of corporations.

Announcement was made recently that the course in "International Commercial Relations" will be open to business and professional men this year without charge. The funds to make this possible were left in 1913 by the late George H. Leatherbee.