Sophomore Halfback Slips By Jayvee Tacklers Behind Good Interference By Janien and Lane

A gruelling hour-and-a-half scrimmage in which the fast-stepping backs of the varsity shone, wound up the football practice at Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon, and the Jayvees were left on the tail end of a 24-0 score.

Coach Casey gave the ball to Team "A" on the 25-yard line and the first-stringers, with Wells, Nevin, Dean and Barrett carrying went over in a few moments. Dean scored the first touchdown and later took a pass from Wells to tally again.

The second team went in to relieve Team "A" and took the ball across after a series of rushes for another score. Pescosolido did most of the carrying and received praise from the coaches for his brilliant running. Whitney scored from the 9-yard line.

Still a third backfield went into action, operating behind the second line, and the sophomore backs, Moseley, Janien and Lane put on the best show of the afternoon. Peter remained in at quarter as a steadying influence. Moseley did most of the carrying but was ably piloted by Janien and Lane as interference. Janien scored from the one-yard line.

The Varsity in yesterday's workout gave the impression that it is not lacking in power but that it is slow to start, slow to block and slow to take advantage of an opening. No fair estimate can be made of the backfields used because of frequent substitutions on the Jayvees but it looked as though the sophomores had the edge. Only a light workout is scheduled for tomorrow.

Yesterday's Team "A" lineup: White, l.e.; Francisco, l.t.; Healey, l.g.; Crane, c.; Gundlach, r.g.; Kopans, r.t.; Nazro, r.e.; Wells, q.b.; Barrett, Sherman, l.h.b.; Nevin, r.h.b.; Dean, f.b.