Freshmen May Compete For Cross Country Managership

Winner Will Be 2nd Assistant Manager Becoming Manager When Senior

This year, for the first time, Freshmen will be allowed to compete for the managership of the Freshman cross country team. Heretofore, the position was open only to Sophomores, but numerals will be given this year to a member of the class of 1937.

Sophomores will compete for second assistant managership. The winner will automatically become assistant manager in his Junior year and ultimately will become manager when a Senior.

While the squad is not yet complete, 64 men have turned cut, 31 for Varsity, and 33 for the Freshman team. Coach Mikkola spoke to the squad about the need for keeping training and pointed out that working with the cross country squad in the fall is excellent training for men who try out for the track team in the spring.

Captain James Parton '34 led the squad in a brisk run along the river P. Blake, J. Duchesne, P. V. Harper, W. S. Shrader, J. G. Fuderhill, Jr. and E. H. Parker showed up well for the Freshmen.