Money, Clothes Stolen at Dunster, Adams, Kirkland

Colonel Apted, Yard Police Are Baffled By Robbery

Numerous petty thefts were reported to Colonel Charles R. Apted '06 of the Yard Police last week. Several rooms in Dunster House were entered during the dinner hour when the occupants were in the House Dining Hall. Overcoats, gold cufflinks, and jewelry were stolen, and in one room over $130 was taken. The majority of the articles were taken from rooms in one entry, although one or two robberies were reported in adjoining sections.

Apted is of the belief that the articles were apprehended by a band of fast workers who had watched the rooms and ascertained when they were vacant, then making an entry and absconding with the articles.

As soon as the losses were reported the entire body of the Yard Police were mobilized and several men were posted at every gate with instructions to apprehend any suspicious persons. No arrests have been reported, however, and the workers seem to have made their getaways after breaking into Kirkland and Adams House the following night.

"If those men ever locked their doors this would never happen," remarked Colonel Apted when confronted with the facts of the case.