University: "She Loves Me Not"--reviewed in this issue.

Metropolitan: "Cleopatra"--DeMille's super spectacle with Claudette Colbert, Warren Williams, Henry Wilcoxon, thousands of bouncing Hollywood beauties and sundry lavish effects, Egyptian and otherwise. Very enjoyable as a pageant albeit somewhat noisy and long.

Loew's State: "The Barretts of Wimpole Street"--just about the best effort of the year and one which definitely should be seen. Charles Laughton, Norma Shearer and Frederic March all excellent, especially Laughtor.

Loew's Orpheum: "One Night of Love"--rendered truly delightful by the captivating person of Grace Moore who is very attractive and sings so very beautifully.

R.K.O. Keith's: "The Count of Monte Cristo"--a fine adaptation of Dumas story. Robert Donat is excellent as Edmund Dantes. The scenes in and about the Chateau D'If will not slip quickly from the mind.

R.K.O. Boston: "Charlie Chan In London"--not the best of this series of mystery films based upon Earl Der Bigger's stories about the philosophic detective Chan. This theatre has the added disadvantage of a long and typically dull vaudeville bill.

Paramount and Fenway: "Now and Forever"--Shirley Temple in a fairly entertaining story which attempts to prove that nothing is better able than a child to cement the bonds of true love. "The Case of the Howling Dog"--a very complicated mystery which is about mediocre.

Fine Arts: "Les Trois Mousquetalres"--a good version of Dumas' perpetual story of chivalry and adventure at the court of Louis XIII. A bit too long and somewhat confusing since all the characters look amazingly alike.

Plymouth: "Ah Wilderness"--starting tonight. Eugene O'Neill in a mild and mellow mood proving that all is not inversion in America. Very worth while.

Hollis St. Theatre: "Big Hearted Herbert"--an amusing comedy with lots of fireworks.