"Hell Roosevelt"


On Saturday night a "cheering, shouting throng" of 18,000 assembled in Madison Square Garden under the auspices of the United German societies, an avowedly pro-Nazi group.

It was an evening which must have sent shivers of delight up the backs of Herr Hitler and his cohorts.

It was not until late, however, that the piece de resistance was offered.

For several hours the crowd had listened to denunciations of Jews, liberals and radicals; it had heard promises of bigger and better meetings along this line; it had gazed at, read and reread a huge banner in the front of the hall which bore the inscription "German People in America! Awake!" It had feasted itself into a stupor on Hitler's gospel of hate, on the message of the most reactionary, finance-dominated regime in history.

*Then came the event which provoked a bedlam of joy. It was a message of greeting from President Roosevelt.

This was recognition from the President who had promised a New Deal to labor and then condoned the erection of a concentration camp in Georgia; the President who had pledged a redistribution of wealth and then allowed real wages to tumble headlong under his recovery program; the President who had proclaimed that his rule would be one of "enlightenment" and then sanctioned the destruction of food while millions starved; the president who had preached "industrial democracy" and stood by while strikers were slaughtered by his own troops because they dared ask for subsistence; the President who had mouthed the phrases of liberalism and then sanctioned through his emissaries the most vicious reaction in California, Georgia and Rhode Island.

When the message of greeting, sent by President Roosevelt was delivered to this assemblage of Nazis, there was an outbreak of cheering and applause which must have warmed Herr Hitler's heart in Berlin and the President's heart in Washington.

The Herald-Tribune continues:

"After the President's message was read, the audience cheered Relehsfueher Hitler with three 'hells' and then gave another one for the President."

Thus did the President of the United States receive the handclasp of solidarity from Fritz Thyssen and his Nazl blood-hounds. --Columbia Spectator.