Report Card


DEATH RIDES THE AIR LINE, by William Sutherland Land a plans at a New Jersey airport with one murdered and five suspected murdered and you have a plot that will give you plenty be worry about for a couple of hours. Add to the plot the smooth-bowing dialogue and description of William Sutherland, and you make the worrying a very interesting past-time. Inspector Grady does most of the investigating--and gets into the usual mystery-story complexities. As usual the one least suspected is the guilty one--and we'll give you no more tips about it.

A THE STORY OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN, by Paul Radia (Liveright, $2.50). If you've been doing a lot of wondering about the why's and where-fore's of the American Indian, you will gain some real dope from this matter-of-fact account of their origin, development, and . From "The Golden Day" to "The Heel of the Conqueror", the chapters lead the reader through a complete record of the original Americans. It is filled with historical fact, completely annotated, bibliographed, and indexed.


A EVELYN PRENTICE--William Powell, Myras Loy and Una Merkel get together again and turn out a really super-sophisticated mystery story. The story isn't particularly new, but a couple of original twists, a dash of humor, and a bit of smooth production work bring a really entertaining production.

A WE LIVE AGAIN--Despite the fact that Tolstoy's Resurrection has been filmed twice before in the U. S., it took Producer Samuel Goldwyn to set his hand to producing a near-accurate interpretation of the social message contained in the book. He chose Anna Sten, Fredric March and Director Rouben Mamoulian to make this one of the best pictures of the season--and they fulfilled all expectations.


A SYMPHONY -- The New York Philharmonic-Symphony orchestra this year has a vivid program of 30 two-hour broadcasts for Sunday afternoon symphony listeners. Presenting distinguished guest artists, the series is under the direction of Otto Klemperor, with Lawrence Gilman, noted critic, as program commontator. (CBS, Sundays, 3 P. M. EST).

B CONTENTED HOUR -- With a complement of smooth singers and the smooth announcing of Jean Paul King, the orchestra under the direction of Morgan L. Kastman provides a "contenting" hour of music. A few old-timers, a bit of the chemical, and a dash of the sophisticated modernism, bring a universal music appeal to this program. (NBC WKAF network, Mondays, 10 P.M. EST).