Financial Loss Caused Reduction of Series to Two Games Last Year--Will Use Professional Ball Park

According to persistent rumors from New London there is a strong possibility that the baseball team will stage a third game with Yale at New London on the day of the boat race this spring. This will mean a revival of the custom of having a playoff despite the fact that it was abandoned as financially impractical a year ago.

The reports gave a professional ball park in New London as the probable scene of the conflict and expressed the belief that the game would be played in the morning of the day on which the race is to take place. It is believed that this third game will be held whether or not the results of the first two encounters leave a tie and thus necessitate a playoff.

No confirmation of this rumor could be obtained from the H.A.A. yesterday and any definite decision on the matter will probably remain secret until the baseball team's schedule is made public this winter just before the beginning of pre-season indoor practice.

Until last year Harvard and Yale had always played a third game if the two scheduled diamond encounters left the Crimson and Blue in a tie for their traditional championship, but due largely to the financial loss incurred by holding the game after the closing of College, the H.A.A., and the Yale Athletic Association agreed to abandon the playoff. Consequently all prospects of a third game were scratched off the books for the 1934 season.

Under the new plan it is thought it would be possible to attract a large gate from the crowd that pours into New London for the races and has the entire morning to spend with only the Freshman and combination boat races as events to occupy their time.