Tomorrow's Program Includes Music By Four Units of Organization, and Specialty Division Acts

A galaxy of magicians, musicians, and quartets form the program which the Instrumental Clubs will present tomorrow evening at 8.30 o'clock in the Commander Hotel.

The five different units of the organization, the Banjo, Mandolin, and Vocal Clubs, the Gold Coast Orchestra, and the Specialty Division, will each appear during the evening. The Banjo Club, under the leadership of Harold M. Parsons, Jr. '36, will include as its numbers "Officer of the Day" by Hall and "Cliquot Club" by Reser.

A. Sterling MacDonald, Jr. '36, will conduct the Mandolin Club in the "Intermezzo from Nalla" by Delibes. In contrast to this serious vein the Vocal Club will sing light selections, such as: "Johnny Harvard," "John Peel," "Pop Goes the Weasel," and football songs. Donald A. Crafts '35 and his Gold Coast Orchestra will not only perform current hits during the concert but will play afterwards for dancing.

The Specialty Division, which has steadily grown through the efforts of George W. Wickersham, 2nd '35, is offering a program, largely constructed on musical lines. Among the performers are: Franklin P. Whitbeck '35, E. Rotan Sargent '36, Edwin O. Miller '37, John P. Ayer '37, George M. Creamer '38, Edwin G' Davis, Jr. '38, and Mansfield Branlgan '37. In addition, there will be two humorous quartets.