Courses in Psychology, Mineralogy, History, Geology, and Zoology Are Announced

Announcement has been made by Arthur F. Whittem, associate professor of Romance Languages and dean of Special Students, of five additional University Extension courses to be given in the second half year. In the first half year 1435 men and women were registered in the University courses, and an even greater number are expected this spring.

Among the five course, one is "The History of Continental Europe, 1871-1914" to be given by William L. Langer, associate professor of History. The rise of modern imperialism and the international tension leading to the World War will be treated in some detail.

Robert C. Givler, professor at Tufts. College, who has tanght for ten successive years under the Commission on Extension Courses, will give for the first time a course on the "Psychology of Personality."

In the field of Geology, Alfred C. Lane, professor at Tufts College and Laurence LaForge, Ph.D., research associate in Mineralogy will each give a course. Professor Lane's course will be "Historical Geology" and will be illustrated by numerous lantern slides. Dr. laForge's course will deal with rocks in general as essential parts of the earth's crust. The fifth course will be given by Jeffries Wyman, assistant professor of Zoology.