Salients in the Day's News


Newton D. Baker, former Secretary of War and prominent Cleveland attorney, will head a distinguished special board to investigate the army's tragic experiences in flying the air mail.

Secretary of War George H. Dern today announced Baker's acceptance of chairmanship of the board on which Col. Charles A. Lindbergh refused to serve because he disapproved the cancellation of private air mail contracts.

Originally planned for a membership of three civilians and five high army officers, the board now has been enlarged to include these six civilians.

Baker, Dr. Karl T. Compton, President of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. George W. Lewis, Director of Aeronautical Research, National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics; Clarence D. Chamberlain, Trans-Atlantic flier; James H. Doolittle, speed flier; and Edgar S. Gorrell, President, Stutz Motor Co


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