The Eyes of Harvard


To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

I was deeply shocked to read of the thoroughly despicable act of the Secretary of the Harvard Chapter of the NSL in this morning's CRIMSON.

All thinking Harvard men should feel highly indignant that one of their number was coarse enough to stop to an act insulting to guests on our shores.

Common decency and respect for the most elementary laws of courtesy should have restrained Philbrick from committing such an ungentlemanly act which reflects not only upon himself, but upon the entire University as well.

It seems to me that the NSL Secretary deliberately used his University connection as a shield to ward off any serious consequences that he might have had to face as a result of his cheap publicity stunt. In so doing he has dragged the rest of the University into the mud after him.

I think that Philbrick sincerely believes in his political theories, and thus is fully entitled to express those theories, but I hold that no act should be condoned, let along perpetrated, that is incompatible with the code of a gentleman. Nixon de Tarnowsky '35.