Yale Game Cheaper This Year--Coupon Books To Be Sold for Minor Games With Contribution Books

We are reprinting this article from Saturday's issue because we feel it will be of interest to men who did not see yesterday's issue.

In an endeavour to solve its budgetary problems the H.A.A. has announced several changes in the price of participation tickets, the addition of a Football Coupon Ticket Book to be sold only to members of the University, and a reduction of Fifty cents in the price of the contribution book.

Because of an increase in operating expenses in the Indoor Athletic Building, and the Weld and Newell Boathouses the price of the participation tickets covering those units has been raised from five to seven dollars and a half. While the general participation ticket will remain at ten dollars for the coming year, a five dollar charge will be made for the use of Dillon Field House except for the members of Varsity and Junior Varsity squads. All Athletic facilities will open on Monday.

For those members of the University who wish to buy tickets for only the football games there is now on sale a Football Coupon Ticket Book containing coupons for the Bates, Brown, Holy Cross, Dartmouth, and New Hampshire games but no provision is made for seats for the Princeton, West Point, and Yale contests. Holders of contribution books wishing to sit with a friend at all five of the minor games may turn in these coupons with those from the books and receive the extra tickets at a saving of $3.85 on the five games. These tickets are on the Harvard side of the field while the graduate and public season tickets are on the opposite side. Applications for extra tickets for single games will be made this year in the same manner as last season. Tickets may be purchased upon presentation of a Bursar's card.

Principally because of the reduction in the price of the Yale ticket the contribution books have been reduced to $12 for this system and the system of applications for each game which was used two years ago has been resumed. Applications for the games should be filed on or before the following dates:


Brown, Sept. 26.

Holy Cross, Oct. 3.

Dartmouth, Oct. 10.

Princeton, Oct. 17.

West Point. Oct. 24.

Yale, Nov. 7.

The coupons will serve as admissions for the Bates and New Hampshire games.

The dates and prices for the games this season are:

Oct. 6, Baten, $.35, $1.10.

Oct. 13, Brown, $1.10, $2.20.