The Crimson Playgoer

"College Rhythm" is Pleasant Nonsense Brightened by Joe Penner and Jack Oakie

If you like Jack Oakie's cockiness and Lanny Ross' voice you will enjoy "College Rhythm" in spite of the plot. As a matter of fact there is no plot according to all dicta of drama, as far as the reviewer could determine. The action hovers around unrevealed and unrequited love, a theme which is as old as the world itself.

Joe Penner furnishes a part of the humer. Jack Oakie another part and the duck, Goo-goo, still another part. All of these parts go their merry way with only a semblance of coherence and yet the result is quite satisfactory. The inimitable Penner is as good when seen as when heard and even better when seen and heard.

Lyda Roberti, with her blonde curls, her smile, her accent and her compelling rhythm outstrips the rest of the female participants in the matter of sex interest, while Helen Mack contributes a winsome bit which will not go unappreciated. All in all "College Rhythm" combines nonsense with some good musical numbers and one of the best choruses in the movies to produce a fairly amusing incident for a snowy afternoon. It can be recommended as a respite from such fly-specks on a Senior's schedule as French 7 or History 9.

A delicate sense of pity, which the Playgoer possesses despite all evidence to the contrary, influences him to pass over the other picture "Lady by Choice," with but a cursory comment. May Robson, as Paisy Patterson, a been sodden derelict who plays the role of cupid to a bewildered couple, confirms a suspicion that she missed her calling when she tried the movies.