Fighting Team Rallics After First Period Deficit - Freshmen Defeat Worcester Academy

Harvard's basketball team won its first League victory in two years Saturday night, beating Cornell 23-17 at the New Indoor Athletic Building. Not only did the Crimson emerge triumphant, but it was Captain Dick Boys, who after two years of steady losses, was Harvard's Moses who led his men to a sensational second-half victory.

Harvard trailed 11 to 9 at the half; Harvard held a precarious, one point lead, 18 to 17, with two minutes to play, when Boys went off and sank two field goals and a free throw before the gun sounded.

Outstanding player on the Fesler team was Dick Fletcher, veteran guard, who by miraculously close guarding throughout the game held little Lou Freed, one of the League's high scorers last year, to a single basket. This muzzling of the Ithacans big gun was largely instrumental in the Harvard victory.

The Crimson cubs, playing away, downed Worcester Academy 26 to 19. William Lee, Jr. '38, was the high scorer for Coach Samborski's minions, caging twelve points in the course of the match.

The summary: HARVARD  CORNELL Kollinites, Stephenson, Lavietes, r.f.  l.f., Freed, Jacobs, Downer White, l.f.  r.f., Wilson, Dykes Gray, Spring, c.  c., Downer, Eisenberg Boys, Kollinites, r.g.  l.g., Eisenberg, Stofer Fletcher, l.g.  r.g., Foote


Score-Harvard 23, Cornell 17. Goals-Boys 3, Foote 3, Wilson 3, White 2, Kollinites 2, Fletcher 1, Freed 1, Gray 1, Lavietes 1, Stofer 1. Free throws-Boys 2, Kollinites 1, Wilson 1. Referees-Murray and Kelleher. Time-two 20minute periods.