Appointment of sixteen new members of the Faculty with a majority of the appointees in scientific fields was announced yesterday.

The new members of the Faculty are:

Edward Godfrey Huber, epidemiologist, Division of Tuberculosis, Massachusetts State Department of Public Health, State House, Boston, appointed Instructor in Epidemiology.

Charles Easterday Renn, of Frederick, Md., appointed Instructor in Biology and Tutor in the Division of Biology. B.S. Columbia '28; Ph.D. Rutgers '35.

Wilson Rice, of Elsbury, Mo., appointed Assistant in Chemistry. A.B. William Jewell College '35.


Willard Weaver Ransom, of Lockport, N. Y., appointed Assistant in Chemistry. A.B. Williams '35.

Robert Barker Thompson, of Presque Isle, Me., appointed Assistant in Sanitary Engineering. S.B. in Sanitary Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology '32; S.M. ibid '34.

Taino Nonaka, of the faculty of the Maue High School, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan, appointed Assistant in Japanese Art at the Fogg Museum. Be is a graduate in Fine Arts of the Imperial University, Tokyo, Japan.

Stewart Harrison Webster, of Los Angles, Calif., appointed Assistant in Physiology. A.B. Pomona '23; A.M. Harvard '24; Ph.D. Harvard '31. He taught at Cornell 1929-32.

Ann Hoague Stewart, of the Division of Child Hygiexe, Department of Health, Newton, Mass., appointed Assistant in Public Health. A.B. Vassar '24; M.D. Columbia '28. Since 1933 she has been on the staff of the New England Hospital for Women and Children.

Harry Fullerton Miller, of Akron, O., appointed Research Fellow in Chemistry. Ph.D. Ohio State '35.

John Barkley Rosser, of Cambridge, Mass., appointed Research Fellow in Mathematics. Ph.D. Princeton '34.

Philip Burlingame Hoppin '33, of Washington, Conn., appointed Assistant Dean of the Business School. M.B.A. Harvard '35.

William Rupert Maclaurin '29, of Boston, Mass., appointed Instructor in Business Economics. M.B.A. Harvard '32.

William Henry McLean, of New York City, appointed Instructor in Industrial Management, M. E. Stevens Institute of Technology '31; M.B.A. Harvard '32.

Eliot Dismore Chapple '31, of the Department of Anthropology, University of Chicago, appointed Instructor in Social Anthropology. Ph.D. Harvard '33.

Thomas Oliver Marshall, Jr., of Kenmore, N. Y., appointed Assistant in Education. A.B. Colgate '29; Ed.M. Buffalo '33.

Edward harris Kemp, of the Department of Physiology, Clark University, appointed Research Fellow in Physiology. A.B. Wake Forest College, North Carolina '28; Ph.D. Clark Univ. '34.