University of Melbourne and Maritime College Included With Radcliffe on New Schedule

If plans do not fall through, the Debating Council will include in its schedule two transoceanic debates and one with Radcliffe. The Radcliffe debate is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, October 30, while the others will not come until after Christmas.

A preseason exhibition will be held with the Newton Y.M.C.A. on Monday, October 13 in which a. Gilman Sullivan '36 and Irving Murray '36 will represent the College.

First official duel already scheduled is on the evening of Saturday, November 9, when a team from the Maritime Provinces will be the guest of the College. This team will be composed of one man from the University of New Brunswick and one from Dalhousic University.

Debates Before Christmas

There will be two more debates before Christmas, both with Yale, in which the teams will exchange sides on the same question. It is believed that the question will be whether or not President Roosevelt should continue to enjoy the future confidence of the country.

It is expected that there will be several debates after Christmas, most of which will be broadcast. One of these will be with the university of Melbourne, coming for the occasion to this country from Australia.