Adams Outplays Bellboys, Smothers Offensive to Win

Grant Wesner '36 Scores in 7-0 Game Over Bellboys

A dark horse bolstered by a sudden increase in able personnel, the Adams House grid team went forth with confidence yesterday to score in the first period and sink the hopeful Lowellmen under a 7-0 score.

Wesner Scores

It was Grant Wesner '36 whose hard running and able toe brought all the scoring, though he was ably helped in the ball-toting by diminutive Hubert H. Rauck '37 and Captain Thomas H. Edmands '36.

No Serious Threat

The Lowell House backs were completely smothered by a strong Adams line, well backed, which held the visitors to two first downs, both of them in the second half. A fourth period humble by the gold-coasters gave the bell-boys a chance within the twenty-yard line which they lost after attempting two line plays and two passes which tell into the end pose.