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Pack Lost in Brookline Stray Over Forbidden Territory, Miss Being Arrested


Score--Harriers 0, M.D.C. 0. Time--unknown. This summarizes the latest kind of cross country meet developed yesterday by the Crimson Harriers and the Massachusetts State Police.

Early in the afternoon the whole cross country squad traveled by car to the Brookline Country Club for a practise session over the fairways and bunkers. Everything ran along smoothly for the first part of the chase, the squad driving well, approaching carefully to avoid irate golfers, and sinking long putts over smooth greens.

Led by Bob Playfair and Bayden Channing, No. 1 and 2 respectively on the squad, the complete pack was hitting it up effectively until they overran a green or two and get impossibly lost in the rough.

Little affected by this misfortune, the squad surged on, soon to find themselves on another green fairway. They stretched out and covered nine holes or so when they were suddenly startled by the appearance of an officer on a side-car motorcycle screaming towards them across the fairway.

Soon the law had the pack stopped, and Plafair was in a heated argument. The trouble seemed to be that they were trespassing on the Municipal Golf Course of Brookline. After it had been explained that they had started on the Country Club course, where they had permission to run, but had unfortunately strayed from their home territory, the officer became reconciled to the situation.

The incident was finished by the officers agreeing to lead the pack back across the Municipal course to the Country Club. The cycle whirred into action, jerked ahead, and was away across the grass. Playfair called on his teammates, and ably seconded by Channing, dashed in pursuit. The chase led over weary miles, now the cycle, now the cross country team ahead. Finally, in desperation, the officer pulled up, mopped his brow, and, apparently, confessed his defeat.

This was not the case, however, because he explained that they had arrived within a short distance of the Country Club course and he could tell them how to proceed for the last hundred yards.

Score Harriers e, M.D.C. 0. Time--unknown.

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