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The English department is at present giving two general survey courses in English literature; English 1 (28) and 2 (79). The first is handled chronologically; the second deals more or less indiscriminately with types. What is more to be emphasized is that they both cover approximately the same ground, and ground which in all probability has been covered the last year at secondary school. This situation is unnecessary and could be remedied by two changes.

One, restrict English 1 to men who want merely a general survey course touching on the high points and not spending much time on the bulk of material usually included in such a review. Similarly, advance English 2 for those men who have the groundwork and who want a highly detailed, painstaking course in English literature. This change would meet both demands.

At present with professors alternating courses annually a certain number of courses must be omitted each year. However, were three instructors to rotate within three courses, continuing the annual shift, every course could be given and without fear of stagnation from the platform. The two highly similar surveys being given now are clogging the drain, making classes unwieldy and hampering the activities of the instructors. Any such change would do much to relieve the strain in the English department.

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