A committee of prominent undergraduates are sponsoring another Peace Meeting this year a meeting so moderate and thoughtful in aim, so sound and constructive in plan, that every thinking member of the University should support it.

One of the main troubles with former attempts at Peace propagandizing was that meetings were held outdoors, where there could be very little order, nothing whatever of the clam, detached consideration and discussion worthy the gravity of the subject. This error has been corrected. The meeting this year will be held indoors.

Calm deliberation about the great problems of practical Peace-neutrality legislation, commercial entanglements, imperialism, large armaments, munition makers,-may prove of great value to those who participate in the meeting, and may even spread interest and a reasonable outlook toward these problems in the wider circle of the Harvard Community.

Emotional mass-meetings, with all the concomitants of hecklers, amateur witlings, and plain fools, can solve nothing. Emotions of War must be fought with emotions of peace, it is true, but peace, without a strong alliance with Reason, can never hope to prevail against the master of passion-lashers, the greatest demagogue of them all-the spirit of the parade and of the brass band.