One hundred and twenty-seven Massachusetts upperclassmen of high scholastic standing in Harvard College have been awarded scholarships totaling $34,875 for the current academic year by vote of the Harvard Corporation, it was announced today. The students are:

Richard E. Alger '36, of Middlebore; Vincent J. Anzelletti '37, of Cambridge; David H. Aronson '36, of Brookline; William J. Baker '36, of Cambridge; Laurence L. Barber, Jr. '37, of Arington; John B. Barney '37, of Bridgewater; Edward L. Bassett '36, of Marblehead; Frank A. Bautze '36, of Boston; Robert L. Bentley, 2d. '36, of Arlington; Charles N. Breed, Jr. '36, of Swampscott; John Briggs, 3d. '38, of Cambridge; John H. Burns '37, of Andover; Stanley J. Boguniecki '36, of Westfield.

John J. P. Campana '36, of Hoston; Ira Chart '37, of Boston; Fred L. Chase, Jr. '37, of Dedham; William A. Coates '37, of Quincy; Albert Cohen '38, of Roxbury; Saul G. Cohen '37, of Dorchester; Franklin W. Coleman, Jr. '38, of Cambridge; Thomas Connerton ocC, of Dorchester; David C. Crawford '36, of Cotult; Herbert W. Crispin '38, of Somerville; George T. Cushman '37, of Quincy; Albert Damon '38, of Brookline; Bernard D. Davis '36, of Franklin; Edwin G. Davis '38, of Cambridge; Richard T. Davis '38, of Medford; Hugh G. Deane, Jr. '38, of Springfield; Campbell DeMallin '36, of Lowell; Robert F. Dine '37, of Allston; Howell E. DuPuy, Jr. '37, of Newton Centre; Milton Elkin '37, of Dorchester.

Herbert Finberg '36, of Haverhill; Robert W. Furlong '37, of W. Roxbury; Emile P. Gauthier '38, of N. Cheimsford; Howard P. Hall '36, of Dorchester; James A. Hamill '38, of Quincy; Charles A. Haskins '36, of Cambridge; John B. Hawkins '36, of Worcester; Maurice H. Heins '37, of Dorchester; Stephen Helburn '37, of Cambridge; Jacob Horowitz '38, of New Bedford; Leavitt Howard '36, of Hingham Center; William C. Huntting '37, of Watertown; John Q. Jordan '37, of Lawrence; Stanley S. Kanter '38, of Mattapan; Mortimer Kaplan '36, of Springfield; Charles W. Kessler '37, of Salem.

Ralph Lazzaro '36, of Wakefield; Manuel Levine '36, of Brockton; Newton A. Levine '36, of Roxbury; Malcolm E. Lewis '37, of Medford; Ransome Van B. Lynch '37, of Hingham; John B. Lyons '38, of Quincy; William W. McAlpine '36, of Medford; John J. McCarthy, Jr. '36, of Cambridge; Dougles T. McClay '36, of Mattapan; Loughlin F. McHugh '36, of Worcester; Francis N. Magliozzi '36, of Somerville; John J. Maloney, Jr. '36, of Dorchester; Arthur J. Martellucci '38, of Cambridge; Richard L. Martin '36, of W. Roxbury; Henry W. Maxant '37, of Ayer; Peter Megalonakis '37, of Boston; Edward Meilman '36, of Roxbury; Nathan Myers '38, of Dorchester; Richard B, Myrick '38, of Newtonville.


Homer E. Newell, Jr. '36, of Holyoke; Hurbert H. Nexon '37, of Brookline; Julian Nieckoski '37, of Deerfield; John A. O'Keefe '37, of Lynn; Bernard A. Orkin '38, of Dorchester; Leo Orris '37, of Roxbury; Richard Paull '38, of Barre; Fred F. Plimpton '36, of Worter; Francis J. Potter '37, of Cambridge; Albert L. Rabinovitz '36, of Chelsea; Robert H. Rawson '36, of Abington; John J. Reidy, Jr. '38, of Roslindale; Randall W. Richards, Jr. '38, of Lexington; Melvin Richter '37, of Dorchester; Lorne Rickert '36, of Winchester; Edward H. Riddle '37, of Cambridge; Martin Ritvo '38, of Cambridge; Harvey A. Robinson '38, of Arlington; William H. Robinson '36, of Arlington.

Robert D. Sall '36, of Mattapan; Richard F. Schmidt '36, of N. Cambridge; William F. Schreiter '38, of Walpole; Richard E. Schultes '37, of E. Boston; Joseph Share '37, of Salem; Robert F. Sharp '37, of Wollaston; Paul H. Silbert '37, of Brookline; Eliot N. Silverman '38, of Brookline; Theodore Singer '38, of Dorchester; Daniel T. Skinner '38, of Roxbury; Alec Skolnick '36, of Dorchester; Ralph I. Smith '38, of Braintree; Alcibiades E. Sophos '38, of Lowell; Manes Specter '36, of Cambridge; Frank H. Stedman, Jr. '37, of Jamaica Plain; Edward D. Sullivan '36, of Dorchester; Arthur Szathmary '37, of Quincy; Alfred W. Teichmier, Jr. '38, of Lawrence; John A. Thierry ocC, of Cambridge; Daniel Tower '37, of Cohasset; John F. Tynan '38, of Cambridge.

Albert H. Walker '37, Newton Centre; Francis J. Walsh '36, of Cambridge; Thayer S. Warshaw '37, of Lawrence; Earl M. Watson '36, of W. Medford; Ira A. Watson '37, of Brockton; Earle H. Webster '36, of Bridgewater; Leicester Warren, Jr. '38, of Springfield; Harold P. Welch '36, of Winchendon; Robert E. Wernick '38, of Brighton; Raymond Wexier '36, of Fall River; Leonard B. Wheildon '36, of Framingham; Theodore H. White '38, of Boston; Walter S. White '36, of Cambridge; Francis J. Whitfield '36, of Springfield; John W. Whittlesey '37, of West Newton; Sumner Willard '37, of Lynn; Harold Winkler '36, of Lawrence; Donald T. Wood '37, of Arlington; Boris Yucht '38, of New Bedford.