New Post Expected to Be Created This Week at Meeting of Cambridge City Council

Harvard may lose her famed defender of the peace, Colonel Charles R. (break-it-up) Apted '06, to the City of Cambridge, it was learned yesterday.

It is reported that the Chief of the Yard Police will be the nominee for the new Commissioner of Public Saftey when that post comes up for consideration in the City Council a week from Tuesday.

Advocates of the new post want to place the fire and police departments directly under the Commissioner's jurisdiction. The job will carry a stipend of $3000 a year.

May Leave Harvard

While the affair depends largely on several "ifs", it is considered likely that Colonel Apted would regard such a proposal in a receptive frame of mind. Should he accept this post, he will have to relinquish his connection with the College.


As the arbiter of undergraduate Vice, the Cononel has for many years known every wayward student. While much of his work has involved minor offenses, such as parking on University property, he has organized the College's defenses against riots, intoxication, and other disturbances.

During the last year his office has been confronted with an epidemic of theft, resulting in several arrests. The latest case which came to office was the Dunster House Assault Case which is now in the hands of the Cambridge Police. Much of the present investigation rests on his preliminary work.