Conclave Sponsored by Ten Leading Undergraduate Organizations--No Program Announced Yet

William L. Langer '15, associate professor of History, will be the main Harvard speaker and Dean Hanford will be the chairman of the peace meeting which is to take place in New Lecture Hall Wednesday evening.

The full program for the meeting will also include two non-Harvard speakers and one prominent undergraduate. The plan is for the undergraduate to introduce Dean Hanford, who will then take charge of the session.

The exact subject of Professor Langer's speech has yet to be announced, but will presumably be drawn either from his personal experience during the War or from the wealth of research work he has done in modern European history, the subject covered in his famous course, History 2.

Varied Career

During the War Professor Langer served in the First Gas Regiment of the United States Army and participated in the St. Mihiel and Argonne offensives. He is the author of several books on European diplomatic history, and has become an outstanding authority in his field.


The peace meeting, which is planned for 8 o'clock Wednesday, will be held under the joint sponsorship of the Student Council, Phillips Brooks House, the Peace Society, the Liberal Club, the Debating Council, the Faculty Union, the N. S. L., the S. L. I. D., the Avukah, and the Political Union.

It is designed to take the place of the open air, nationally sponsored anti-war strikes which the N. S. L. and the S. L. I. D. have staged in other years.