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Games Thursday Will Decide House Football Champions

The last three days of the House football league competition find four teams helding onto the possibility of winning the championship, and with it a trip to Yale on November 16. Those teams are Winthrop, Adams, Kirkland and Dunster.

The Winthrop House Puritans have the firmest grip on the prize, and need only to win or tie their one remaining game with Kirkland's deacons on Thursday to make sure of the title.

They hid fair to come through. They have shown consistent playing all during the season, winning four and tieing one, and that on a muddy field against a heavier Eliot team.

Kirkland's deacons, with a game today against Dunster and one Thursday against the champions, is in the best position to upset the favored puritans. If they win today they alone will be in position to upset the puritans hopes, by a victory on Thursday.

If on the other hand, the deacons lose today and win Thursday, they leave the way open for a possible three-way tie among the Winthrop, Adams, and Dunster elevens.


To make such a tie, however, Adams must win on Wednesday against a powerful Eliot team, and Dunster must beat the much trampled bellboys on Thursday.

If the deacons tie today, they leave the possibility of a three-way tie including Adams, Winthrop, and Kirkland elevens.

In any case, the title will not be safe in the hands of anyone until last scheduled games have been played. The pertinent statistics are as follows:   Won  Tied  Lost  Points Winthrop  4  1  0  9 Adams  3  1  1  7 Kirkland  3  0  1  6 Dunster  2  1  1  5 Eliot  2  1  2  5 Lowell  1  0  4  2 Leverett  0  0  6  0

(Ratings are made on a basis of points, 2 for a win, 1 for a tie).

Yesterday Leverett House finished its shiningly bad season with a 6-6 tie in a practice game against the elephants.

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