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The Crime



Displaying an attitude that is nothing if not cleemosynary a group of kind hearted Harvard students have adopted a pursuit that is balm in Gilead to the most dejected, the most completely submerged human beings in the United States, those people who write to the 'agony column'of the Saturday Review of Literature. Bringing a note of cheer into the drab lives of these people who have been denied a soul-mate by an unkind fate, the Harvardians pen notes of hope and encouragement every week.

In one case the tenderly phrased answer to a particularly dejected young lady led to a protracted correspondence. More and more intimate the missives became. Photographs were exchanged. Through the long winter months the thing continued, and when the snow melted and trees began to send forth their fragrant greenery Cupid rasped his horny palms together in grim satisfaction. Hymen's gay preparations filled the balmy air. Now comes the insidious note into the happy melody, a curt note from the girl's father.

"Sir: Will you please stop writing to my daughter. She is only thirteen years old. Signed..."d

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