Dorman, Manheimer Out of Fraces With Princeton--Crimson Players Going to Amherst on Monday

PRINCETON  HARVARD Follansbee, g.  g., Perry Hemingway, r.f.  r.f. Robie Elkias, l.f.  l.f., Powell Levy-Hawes, r.h.  r.h., Burbank Watson, Capt., c.h.  c.h., R. Scott Oelsner, l.h.  l.h, Vincent Close, r.o.  r.o., Dawson Montgomery, r.i.  r.i., T. Motley Davison, o.  o., Hastings Morgan, l.i.  l.i., H. Motley Sayre, l.o.  l.o., Wood

Starting time: 12:35 o'clock at Princeton.

Minus the services of two of its genuinely top-notch players, the Crimson soccer team goes into action in the Tiger jungleland before the football game today.

Captain John Dorman is out of the fray with an impending appendectomy. Leon Maheimer, dependable outside right and money player, is disabled by a dislocated collarbone sustained in practice on Thursday. In the places of these injured men, Robert W. Scott, Jr. '38 makes his first start of the season at halfback, while Sydney T. Dawson, Jr. '26, regular substitute for Manheimer, takes up his burden on the forward line.

Though there is little to choose by comparison of the records of the two teams. Princeton must be the favorite today. They are the home team; the invaders are below full strength.


In winning three decisions against a tie and a loss, Harvard has played at its potential best, if not above that best.

Today the Tigers field 10 lettermen, an aggregation which overcame the Crimson at Cambridge last year. And they are eager to snap out of the lethargy which they have thus far shown, at the expense of Coach Jack Carr's men.

Amherst on Monday

After the game the Crimson forces make their way to Amherst.

The Harvard players making the week-end trip include: Thomas Perry, Jr. '36; Theodore P. Robie '38; Richard G. Powell '38; Daniel E. Burbank, Jr. '37; Captain John Dorman '36; Frank W. Vincent '36; 'Thomas Motley, 2nd '33; Thomas N. Hastings '38; Edward Motley, Jr. '36; James A. E. Wood '37; Robert M. Briggs '37; Robert C. Holcombe '37; Bruce K. Fuller '26; Theodore Roosevelt, 3rd. '36; Austin W. Scott, Jr. '37; Sydney T. Dawson, Jr. '36; Robert W. Scott, Jr. '38; Floyd K. Haskell '37; Charles S. Kelley, 3rd. '36; Donald C. Sleeper '38; H. Vaughan Morgan, Jr. '37; James J. Thackera '36; Whitney G. Case '36; and William Lawrence '37, managers