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Tuesday's elections concluded nothing definitely, but they crystallized the undoubted trend in the last months against the New Deal. Mr. Roosevelt today would be returned to the White House. But the logic indicates continued reaction against him during the coming year.

The rest of the world is escaping from the depression faster than the United States, especially those countries, like England and France, which have retrenched,--countries which have been blessed with governments fearlessly patriotic and unpolitical. It may well be that even now in this country the great majority have begun to realize that the present recovery is in spite of administration policies, not because of them, and that without them we would now be much further along the Road of Recovery. In such a case, 1936 is still a closed book.

The responsibility rests on the shoulders of the G. O. P. The Elephant must strengthen and co-ordinate his forces so that he no longer leaves, one or two feet behind him. He must relinquish a placid existence and militantly bring home to the country just what is wrong with Mr. Roosevelt. He must plan a great deal of constructive action during the next years.

But there is a negative constructiveness which interested parties tend to misinterpret, if they are clever; misunderstand, if sincere. If drinking threatens the life of a man, it is constructive to make him stop. Thus, if reckless spending promises to undermine the integrity of the government, it is constructive to make it stop. If men plan to tear down a perfectly good house, which merely needs a new heating system, it is constructive to make them stop. Thus, if the Administration wants to wreck many of the principles on which the United States operates, it is constructive to stop them.

On the great issues of Recovery and Unemployment, an attack on the methods of the Roosevelt Regime is in itself constructive. The G. O. P. must add to this necessary criticism a program for the encouragement of Private Industry in absorbing the unemployed, this by sound currency, a balanced budget, no government competition, lower taxes for housing, no monopoly.

If the results of these inconclusive elections could encourage business to the extent of a one to five point rise in the Stock Market, what could not such a conservative and sound program do in encouraging Recovery and increasing Employment?

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